The heat is coming, let's "plant the sun" together.       Date:2018-09-28

New Kenai factory entrance

Providing "love heart tea" for passers-by

the weather is getting hotter

Everyone should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling!

The day after tomorrow is the "big summer"!

Great heat

One of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar

The sun is located at 120°

How much do you know about the summer heat?

Next, Xiaobian will come to popularize!

I think everyone’s first thing to think about is that the recent weather is really getting hotter.

This reminds Xiaobian of a "Sun" that I have heard since I was a child.

Recently, it is also not possible to fire on the Internet.

It’s really the city’s play. This song has now become a brainwashing song.

    The great heat is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, and the sun is located at 120° of the Yellow River. During the summer heat, Chinese folks have the habit of drinking tea, drying ginger, burning incense and so on.

    "The monthly seventy-two collections" said: "Great heat, June. Summer, heat is also divided into size in the heat, small at the beginning of the month, big in the middle of the month, and now the heat is still big." The climatic characteristics are: "The fighting finger is a great heat, and the weather is very strong in the heat, so the name is a great heat." The big summer festival is the hottest period in the year before and after the "middle" in the "three days". The highest temperature and the fastest growth of crops, as well as various meteorological disasters such as droughts, floods and windstorms in many areas.

Now Xiaobian to tell everyone why the weather is so hot?

Human Factors

Population sharpening factor

    The dramatic increase in population in recent years is one of the main factors leading to global warming. At the same time, this also seriously threatens the balance between natural ecological environment. With such a large population, the carbon dioxide emitted by itself alone will be an astonishing number, and the result will directly lead to an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The resulting “greenhouse effect” of carbon dioxide will directly affect the climate change on the surface of the earth. .

Atmospheric environmental pollution

    At present, the increasing environmental pollution has become a major global problem and one of the main factors leading to global warming. Now, research on global climate change has clearly pointed out that the temperature of the Earth's surface has risen since the end of the last century.

Marine ecological environment deterioration factor

    At present, the change in sea level is constantly rising. According to the prediction of relevant experts, the sea level may rise by 50cm in the middle of the next century. Failure to take and correct measures will directly lead to adverse consequences such as damage and pollution of freshwater resources. In addition, the large amount of land-based activity sites is toxic.


    Wastes and solid wastes are continuously discharged into the sea; major spills and oil spills occurring in seawater, as well as damage to the ecological environment caused by human activities, are the main factors leading to the destruction of the marine ecological environment.

Destructive factors such as erosion, salinization and desertification of land

    The main cause of soil erosion and desertification is inappropriate agricultural production. It is well known that good vegetation can maintain soil erosion. But so far, human activities such as excessive deforestation for timber harvesting, land reclamation for agricultural production, and overgrazing have been causing serious damage to vegetation. At present, 20 hectares of forests are destroyed every minute in the world, 10 hectares of land are deserted, and 47,000 tons of soil are eroded. Soil erosion reduces soil fertility and water retention, thereby reducing soil biological productivity and its ability to maintain productivity; and may cause widespread floods and sandstorms, causing significant economic losses to society and worsening the ecological environment.

Sharp decline in forest resources

Worldwide, the area of forests is being drastically reduced due to natural or man-made factors.

Acid rain hazard

    The impact of acid rain on the ecological environment has received increasing attention worldwide. Acid rain can destroy forests, acidify lakes, and endanger organisms. At present, most of the acid rain in the world is concentrated in Europe and North America. Most acid rain occurs in developed countries. In some developing countries, acid rain is also rapidly occurring and developing.

Accelerated extinction

    The creatures on earth are a precious resource for human beings, and the diversity of living things is the basis for human survival and development. But the current biological species on Earth are disappearing at an unprecedented rate.

Water pollution factors According to the global environmental monitoring system water quality monitoring

    The project shows that about 10% of the world's monitored river water is polluted. Since the beginning of this century, human water consumption is increasing rapidly, and the scale of water pollution is constantly expanding. This creates a contradiction between the supply and demand of fresh fresh water. . It can be seen that the treatment of water pollution will be very urgent and important.

Toxic waste pollution factor

    Growing toxic chemicals pose a serious threat not only to human survival, but also to the ecological environment on the surface of the Earth.

Natural factors

Volcanic activity

Earth periodic revolution trajectory changes

    The periodic revolving trajectory of the earth changes from an ellipse to a circular trajectory, closer to the sun. According to a scientist's research, the temperature of the earth has been alternating between high temperature and low temperature, and there is a certain regularity.

After saying so much, do you have any feelings?

Let us work together to be an environmentally friendly energy saving messenger!

Act fast! Dry up!

From the little things! Start from the side!

Protect our Mother Earth together!